WOMB Mentoring Session-1

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Session Summary: The 8 Important Things You Should Be Doing Right Now to Advance Your Ministry and/or Business.

In this mentoring session we focused on eight important things you should and could be doing right now to advance your ministry and/or business. This lesson is a precursor to subsequent mentoring sessions where we will cover each subject in greater detail. So don't feel overwhelmed if you feel you don't have working knowledge of a particular subject covered in this session. The main purpose of this session was to get you to start thinking like an executive leader and become aware of the strategies you would need to implement to advance your ministry and business in the 21st century.

As we continue to work together in this mentoring incubator, I will help you prepare go to your next level. So watch the session video, implement what you can right now, and check out the special resources I have prepared to go along with this lesson. Happy learning and growing! - Tarsha | Your Mentor & Coach

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My Next Step Checklist - Mentoring Session 1

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