WOMB Mentoring Session-23

Session Summary: ​Foundations for Success: Identifying Your Core Values and Composing Your Personal Creed
Steps to Creating
a Business Plan
Packed With Potential Understanding Your Gift Mix

​When it comes to your life, ministry and/or business some things are non-negotiable. Your core values and personal creed fall into this category. But do you know what your core values are? Have you written your personal creed?

In this very important mentoring session, I share what these foundations for success are, why you need them, and how to identify your core values and compose your personal creed. To help you identify and compose your personal creed I have also provided resourceful downloads below for you to use. I wish you much success as you move forward to build a solid foundation for success

Your Mentor & Coach

Hello Mighty Woman of Purpose
I hope your year has started well and you are moving forward with great expectation! As I continue to help you walk out your purpose and destiny in your ministry or business through the WOMB incubator program, this month we will continue in the vein of "Set Up For Success”, and focus on steps to developing a productive business plan. Business plans are important in helping you chart out the course you will take and project your intentions for your ministry or business. Plus, it is a necessary tool you need in your toolbox if you are planning to seek funding from banks and other resources.

Sit back, grab your pen and notepad and get ready to be informed and empowered to set yourself up for greater success. Enjoy the session! -Tarsha, Your Mentor & Coach

This year we kicked off the new year by helping you understand how to set yourself up for success. In our 1st mentoring session for the year I shared why you need to clarify what your vision, mission and purpose are for your personal life, ministry and business. Then you were encouraged and informed on how to create written statements for each.

As you move forward to clarify and write out these key components, you will find they will prepare you to step out to launch your new venture or fine-tune what you have started and serve as a roadmap. To assist you in creating your statements, I invite you to download the resource created for this mentoring session. Wishing you much success! - Tarsha, Your Mentor & Coach
God is up to something great in your life! As we continue our mentoring sessions in the WOMB Mentoring Incubator & Delivery Room, I want to help you identify and tap into the powerful gifts within you. This month our session is titled: Packed With Potential: Understanding Your Gift Mix.

In this informative session we explore spiritual gifts, what they are and how they function. Sit back and relax as the gifts in you are stirred and activated through this inspiring lesson. Once you finish watching the lesson, I then invite you to click the resource link below and take an online spiritual gift assessment to pinpoint your personal spiritual gifts. - Tarsha, Your Mentor & Coach
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​Identifying Your Core Values & Composing Your Personal Creed Worksheet

Business Plan Key Components Checklist
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